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An instant favourite

I love the flavours of this blend and will recommend it to anyone looking to try something new. It's a real joy drinking it every morning.

The Roasters Mug coffee deal
Ashleigh Frank
Great coffee

I like the flavours and profile of these coffees, very rich and chocolate-like without being bitter. A true hidden gem

Went to heaven with this hot chocolate

Great blend

A really well balanced blend. Got great acidity and good body to it.

I can't espresso how good this coffee is!

I'm so glad I found Local Grind. We eagerly await our monthly coffee order and it has been so good finding some really great beans. The delicious smell when you open the box to find the treasure inside - definitely a subscription worth having. It's the coffee I like waking up to!

Good Coffee

A nice blend, though for me it does seem to have quite a bit more acidity than I would like in a medium dark roast. I find that the red wine acidity overpowers the other flavours.

Nice Coffee

For a medium dark, it had a bit more of a fruity taste, and a bit more acidity than I would have liked in a medium dark roast. It has good body and texture to it.


Really delicious hot chocolate. Got a great taste, lots of sweetness, and dissolves really nicely, so you don’t land up with lots of chocolate at the bottom of mug, it all blends in fantastically.

Fantastic Coffee

This is a really lovely blend, it has great body and texture to it, it’s not to acidic and has that perfect balance. You can really taste that rich flavour with the fruity undertones.

Great Balanced Blend

A great blend! Has great body, texture, and flavour. This blend as well produces fantastic crema.


The peanut butter flavour isn't as strong as I would like, but still quite tasty. Don't expect something like a Reese's cup.

ButtaNutt - Oat Milk
Ashleigh Frank


Great taste

Great taste, smooth and not acidic or bitter

Well Balanced Blend

This is a really well balanced blend. It has good body, good acidity, and great texture. I just find that there is something missing.

Earth&Co - Oat Milk
Kevin Simon
Looks and Tastes like Okja

This oat milk looks and tastes exactly like the Okja Oat Milk, I can’t tell any difference.

This oat milk is nice, though not as creamy and sweet as the ButtaNut oat milk.


This coffee has become my "go to".

Very Nice

Great coffee, with great body and texture. It has a fantastic chocolate smell to it, with a very fruity taste. I gave it 4 stars as I am not a huge fan of fruity coffees and the acidity that comes with them.

More of a Medium Roast

To me, this looks like it’s more of a medium roast as compared to other medium-dark roasts I have tried.

The coffee itself is very nice, it has a nice body and flavour to it. This coffee has fantastic fruity flavours, it’s really bright and flavourful. With fruity flavours, comes a reasonably high acidity.

Personally, I am not a fan of fruity coffees like this one, though if you are someone who likes lighter roasts and the flavours that come with them, then you’ll love this coffee.

Nice Hot Chocolate

I really want to love this hot chocolate, but I’m not sure if it’s a lack of sweetness or because I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, which is what this tastes like, but I am not a huge fan. The reason I knocked off another star was because of the amount you need to put into a cup to get a decent taste, you have to use 2-3 tablespoons per cup, and so it’s going really quick, and a bag won’t last as long as others that come in a 300g bag.

I think if you like dark chocolate you will like this hot chocolate.

Not Great

I find this coffee has very little body and taste to it. I find it falls very flat in your mouth. There is no roast date on the bag either, so there is no way to know how old the coffee is.

Not a Fan

I find this coffee has no body or texture to it, and the flavours are very subtle and bland. It has almost no acidity or sweetness.

Very Nice Blend

I really enjoyed this coffee. It has great body to it. It has a nice chocolate hint, with nice acidity.

OKJA - Oat Milk
Kevin Simon
Fantastic Oat Milk

This oat milk is really nice. It is easy to froth, has a creamy texture and tastes great. Interestingly, this oat milk has the appearance of normal milk, unlike the other brands which have an oat colour to them.

The reason I gave it 4 stars is that you can get the same tasting, if not better, oat milk from other brands for slightly cheaper.

Delicious Coffee!

This is the best coffee I have tried so far! It has really gentle flavours, and has great body to it. It has a great nutty flavour, with a low acidity.

Great Variety Box

I love the idea of not knowing what you are going to get.

The one reason why I knocked off a star is that a lot of the coffees either don’t have roast dates on them, or are just over a month old, which is not something I particularly like. I know this is mainly up to the roasters and not Local Grind, though I feel this is something to take into consideration when purchasing this.

Other than that, great way to get exposure to South African coffee roasters.